ancient tales - broken pictures


The ANCIENT TALES CD has 10 medieval songs with arabian, bulgarian and etnics influencies, remember us acts like dead can dance.The cd was released originaly in only few copies and the press didnt apreciated it.Also it didnt have a good distribution worldwide, only in Spain.

2003 is the year when Twilight Records decide to give a " breath of life " to this records , remastering this album and give it a new dimension and a good distribution and remastered.
A fresh release to the lovers of medieval music...


track list
º Canto de Ultreia [MP3]
º The Flower of Amaranth
º The sky & the spirit of Mordom
º Ocher Fields [MP3]
º Red Rivers of Wine
º Vuelan [MP3]
º Dark Sings
º Calling her like a Tenor
º Dusk to Dawn
º En los Grises Mares

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