carnalia - dirty days


CARNALIA is another promising new electro project from Argentina. Franco Guasardo, who was envolved in the old and cult acts “ Cianuro Patrio“ and “Comite de Tiburones“, the mastermind in this project, is active in the electronic music scene for many years, and with his previous band he even opened some shows for HOCICO in Mexico!

Carnalia play innovative Electro somewhere in between Frontline Assembly and Siechtum, with very dark, deep and ‘frightening’ atmospheres and a well balanced mixture of extremely danceable songs in a hybrid mutation of several electro genres, with traces of techno, EBM and industrial.
The combination of harsh industrial soundscapes and melodic EBM rhythms blend perfectly. The album includes two remixes by LAMIA, that round off an album of pure electronic provocation, power and energy.

Highly recommended!



track list
º Triple x White
º Rosas Negras [MP3]
º Carnalia
º 1000 Lights
º Parallax
º 966804786 New Child [MP3]
º No Water
º Lost Girl
º P.A.I.N.
º Carnalia (Absolute Lamia Mix) [MP3]
º Rosas Negras (Lamia Mix)

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