chrisallys - reborn


Really great, long announced, since the begining of 2003, finally here is the CHRISALLYS debut album. With a lot of influences of bands like Dreaful Shadows, Scream Silence or the modern Zeraphine, Chrisallys come with a new sound, the classic Goth-Rock with electronic sounds, combined in a perfectly harmony.

A fresh new act, the CD was voted album of the month by the most important radio shows in Argentina. With a lot of important collaborations like J.A. Celasco and the soprano Cali from Lamia, and a guest appaerance on bass of Cristian "titi" Lapolla (ANIMAL).

Reborn is an album will surprise the scene, with a lot of hits that surelly you will listen in the clubs in the future. Aggressive guitars, vigorous drums and electronic touchs swing into full force throughout the album. "Reborn" includes a very orignal version of “The ghost in you” from the cult-band THE PSYCHEDELIC FURS.

Mike Riddick from The Soils Bleed Black made the beautiful art work.
A successful debut.!!!



track list
º Dark Embrace [MP3]
º The Ghost in You
º Born in Bondage
º Night Has Fallen [MP3]
º Through Your Dreams
º Everything is Gone
º Hellsfire [MP3]
º Fear
º Tast of Blood
º Shadow Haunting
º Forsaken
º Process Completed


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