in my rosary - farewell to nothing + bonus


The return of a legendary album from German dark folk legends!!. After the success of previous albums ''Under the mask of Stone " on Twilight Records and the new album "Your world is a flower ", is the time to a unique and beautiful album: " Farewell to Nothing". This album was deleted for many years.


IN MY ROSARY offers orchestral and romantic arrangements lead by expressive vocals, a mysterious depths and the classic sound of the band. Dark folk, dark wave, with softly atmospheres and a great voice. Romantic themes and a light, melodic sound. Additionally this re - release includes an exclusive and new track called "Dog in Trouble" previously unreleased and a version of the classic DIJ hymn "Fall apart".

Packaged in a beautifully designed deluxe, with pictures from the artist Andrea Sanchez.

track list
º Farewell
º Sweet Murderer [MP3]
º An Opened Book
º Inner Man
º Mirage (Instrumental)
º No Time [MP3]
º Flood
º Just This
º Weird Shadows
º Memories [MP3]
º Fall Apart
º Leise Zieht ...
º Voyage Synthétique
º Night Porter
º Dog In Trouble (Bonus trak)


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