kazeria - nihilist militant


With this new album, Kazeria gathers a retrospective and very personal material. All tracks (or "explorations") are unedited and they were recorded between 2003-2007, pretty earlier to the formation of the project and on “a troubled personal time; one of militant nihilism” according to [S] own words. Neither hi-tech nor hi-fi were used in here.
Back at that time [S] employed worn and minimal gear, using primitive recording technics (hand-manipulation, mostly) in order to create "old school" and minimalistic industrial, black / dark ambient and noise but including many elements that can be recognized on Kazeria´s later works.

Much in the vein of early Deutsch Nepal´s albums, Anenzephalia, M.Z. 412, Folkstorm, Oorchach, Sistrenatus, Raison D´etre and such, and with some reminiscence of old Laibach, “Nihilist Militant” is an imprecindible album to get in the landscapes of Kazeria and its sounds and concepts, since its early period and even before.

track list
º Kälte-Baltikum
º Evrazia Regnat
º Lost Wolves
º Marsch des Toten
º Satanpolitik
º Irminsul
º Última Transmisión




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