kutna hora - obsession faith perseverance


The new KUTNA HORA CD "Obsession, Faith, Perseverance" will soon be finished and is going to be released by the end of April on Ars Musica Diffundére.

It will also contain the two songs “Stay” and “Farlands” that were performed on the Europe tour in 2004. Four years after the original release of their debut ‘Will or Nothing’ inTtwilight Records, and two years after the European release on the BLACK RAIN-sublabel, finally the long awaited new album by this gifted acoustic folk band from Argentina!

The band toured successfully Europe last year and now deliver an album of 13 brand new tracks. Although the general mood of the album is still in the vein of their debut, the musicians added quite a few new elements to their sound and improved also the recording quality.
You’ll find melodic songs in the dark folk style as well as heroic chants with a martial touch.

Kutna Hora in It’s purest way: full of emotions!


track list
º Our lady of Sedlec [MP3]
º The day of wrath
º Circles
º Baguala
º If I could ride my horses
º The voice of God
º Farlands
º Empty room [MP3]
º Stay [MP3]
º Dies irae
º Holy
º O.F.P
º Last song

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