nekrodamus - malfeitor


A new fresh project in the electro scene. Very original and without cliches. The songs are all really beautiful, very intense. A great male singer combined with soft melodies, very danceable for moments. Nekrodamus album have lot of songs wich surelly will listen on the clubs in the future.

If you want to find some similar band you can think in Deine Lakaien , the more danceable hits and Wolfsheim, but the beautiful ballads.
NEKRODAMUS is our big promisse on our label, as Lamia and kutna Hora were in the past...





track list
º Dont You Love
º On the Night (She´s waiting)
º Absence [MP3]
º Nosferatu [MP3]
º V - Sadness
º Malfeitor (Show me your evil)
º Nekrodamus
º Vampire Love
º Real Hard
º I il Never Found
º Everlasting [MP3]
º Nosferatu (Lamia - mix)


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