quimera music - love and madness


QUIMERA MUSIC has set November 24th 2009 as the in-store date for her eagerly anticipated debut album, Love And Madness. The first studio album of her career, Love And Madness is the follow-up to her first single Face To Face (Radio Edit) written by Quimera and Patrick Rundbladh and to a special release single (not album related) called When Tomorrow Comes, that she wrote to benefit children from The Smile Train charity, for which Quimera is a spokesperson.

Love And Madness reflect Quimera’s unique style mix of Classical-Baroque, Gothic and Symphonic sounds, carefully crafted in powerful music that is paired with lyrics of deep meaning (all Lyrics written by Quimera) Love And Madness songs are Epic enough to be in a Hollywood film … no cookie cutter here.

Love And Madness track list include all original Quimera Music signature songs, Illusionist, Face To Face, Starlight and Pray, as well as the new songs, When Its All Said And Done, and a chill giving, Symphonic Gothic rendition of Ave Maria amongst others.

The artist states "Love And Madness is more than my debut album, it is my own revelation of love, fear, hope, and the touch of madness which I believe is inherent within all powerful feelings. I want my music to inspire others, to take them places in their minds, and maybe even help them go through whatever difficult thing they may be going through, perhaps things they can’t even speak about to anyone. Music is the only way I know to express the inexpressible."

Love And Madness include songs by Quimera and Patrick Rundbladh, as well as songs by guest composers Francesco Tedesco, Troy Maturo and KaoSoi, who joined Quimera in this album.

Love And Madness is executive produced by Patrick Rundbladh and Quimera, and it was recorded in New York City, at Lofish Studios.


track list
º The Last Battle (Ouverture)
º Illusionist
º Pray
º Face To Face [MP3]
º Requiem (Intermezzo)
º Ave Maria [MP3]
º Starlight [MP3]
º The Sacrifice
º Face To Face (Radio Edit)



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