remete - Odabenn


János Madura is a Hungarian artist, formerly known by his projects Our God Weeps and Zebaoth and albums on HauRuck!, Ars Benevola Mater and MozgaloM labels, presents his current incarnation as Remete, a hermit project of absolution. Dark ambient of the highest order co-mingled with powerful neo-classical and martial industrial elements in the vein of CMI projects impresses even die-hard ambient congregation. This is a ritual executed by a priest in the metaphysical ‘Odabenn’ sacrament. Music of hope and forgiveness in the dark ambient realm. 300 copies in a full-colour Digipak. (A coolaboration release with Old Captain)





track list
º ?Hajnali hant
º Ahol csend honol
º Metanoia
º Vidja
º A kolostor homlokzata
º Ima
º Odabenn


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