tempesta noire - the path


The Even in existence since 1992 TEMPESTA NOIRE is still the unknown Element in the back of the European Neofolk Protagonists. Not in the masses focus but, highly respected by those who took a closer look.

The included Tracks are representing the wide variety of stylistic elements which made Tempesta Noire to a unique and hard to categorise project. “The Path” shows the evolutionary development of the elements and ideas behind Tempesta Noire. Elements loved by people with the ability to share dreams and to follow emotions beside the mainstream.

Since 1993 up to now Tempesta Noire released several productions. Most of them are rare and hard to find today. “The Path” offers an organic overview of the development of this Band to all of those who heard about them but never heard the music. And to all of those who followed this Band over years it’s a grateful gift by presenting unheard songs and unreleased versions.

All songs are fully remastered from the original mastermedias. Even the songs taken from the only official CD release “66°33’ North” are taken through this process to bring back the emotional atmosphere and dynamic which suffered through the original mastering. Due to the possibilities of modern mastering and restoration technologies “The Path” presents Tempesta Noire in the best possible quality and allows forgetting the limitations of 4Track Tape recorders used for the Production of the early songs.

It’s not a “best- of” album, it’s the description of a path through time.


track list
º The Path
º The Outset for [MP3]
º Es War
º Northem Woods [MP3]
º Junction
º Helheimr
º Tidal Currents
º Book ofLlife [MP3]
º Vilya
º Wolves and Cathedrals
º Rhianon
º Northem Woods
º Evening Falls

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