vir martialis- metapolemos [ the metaphysics of war ]


VIR MARTIALIS was born in Caracas - Venezuela in early 2011 at the hands of Ricardo V. and with the collaboration from other colleagues in the local scene Vir Martialis starts with the deliberate intention of doing Martial Industrial, epic, heroic, apocalyptic and bombastic neoclassical.

The name consists of two Latin words: Vir; a man, a man of courage, principle, or honor, one who deserves the name of a man Martialis; of, relating to, or suited for war or a warrior The Romans, had two words for the man, Vir ( Hero) and Homo(Slave) the Vir live under a code of honor that makes it worthy of being called Man; The Virtue (Vir - Virtus) is built under his warrior spirit, Vir Martialis is the man-hero, the Vir generates Virtue in opposite with the Homo man-slave without property or martial spirit, the Homo is the origin of modern humanism.

In May 2011 Vir Martialis published his first demo getting good reviews (review by INDUSTRIAL TERROR WEBZINE) and is currently working on publishing his first work “Metapolemos; The Metaphysics of War”



track list
º The Sacrality of War
º Gott mit uns [MP3]
º Doctrina Legionaria
º Tendrán que prevalecer
º Army of the Guardians of the Revolution [MP3]
º Les Âmes qui brulent
º the sense of Beauty
º Mujahideen Guerrilla
º Devotio vítae
º Spiritual Martial Doctrine [MP3]
º War Volunteer



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