ataraxia - mon seul désir + des paroles blanches


After 10 and 9 years from their first press, on January/February 2012 it will be finally available a NEW DIGIPACK EDITION, DIGITALLY MASTERED with a DIFFERENT LAY-OUT of two different albums of the band collected together! One of them, DES PAROLES BLANCHES, was a very limited EP sold ut in a very short time!

MON SEUL DéSIR "Rare and mysterious animal, the unicorn owns three qualities: strength, courage, and purity. The unicorn has the role of guide and protector. His favourite kingdom is the forest, from which he rarely comes out only protected by a lady, who symbolises the purity of the soul. His twisted horn is source of life, it represents the spirit embodied in the matter and it is associated to the three alchemical colours: white, black, and purple red. This noble is full of goodness and implacable at the same time. He is the door to wisdom."
«Mon Seul Désir» is a brief but intense work, in which the freedom of feelings is sung. «Alsicon», unwinds over the wide spaces of a shining sea, under white cliffs and a clear sky. The search for contemplation, or the attempt to reach it by meditation can be perceived in «Jarem Gitti», with its Arabian atmosphere. Even nature can help us reaching a deep state of contemplation, as in «Eaudelamer», surrounded by the Aegean Sea waters, or along the footpath leading to a lake in «Sendero En Lago Verde». This long instrumental suite for classic guitar, is one of the most meditative and evocative piece of music of the whole work. Five minutes of pure magic. Then, the album ventures into the tragic and intense «A l’Aube» and it closes with the traditional «Mundus est Jocundum», here presented in a very intriguing version.
The inspiration of this album comes both from the "The Canticle of Canticles" of King Solomon and the cycle of late-Mediaeval tapestries "La Dame à la Licorne". After many albums based on pain, strugglevoyagers and far lands and sunken civilisations we have finally released an album based on love in all his power, unique love driven by destiny, the one that unifies elected souls and save our poor life when we are hopeless and deceived. Listening to "Mon Seul Désir" you'll find a green path leading to an enchanted lake, it is a sort of purifying journey to get rid of our unhappy condition, you'll perceive the deep connection among love and music, a dimension where everything is undefined and the passing among a dreamy state to a conscious one is prophetic and magic describable only through the poetry of notes.

DES PAROLES BLANCHES ”How many seas died to soothe your pain, making your skin white-salt and aquamarines your eyes, I know what it means to fall asleep in an ocean of tears, and I hope no more sea will ever die…”
«Des Paroles Blanches» is a maxi CD composed of three long suites inspired by very picturesque places on the Alabaster Coast, in Normandy. Etretat is a small town protected by massive white cliffs and surrounded by emerald-green fields, while Veules Les Roses is a tiny country village, swallowed by time, that opens on a beach looking like an endless velvet stole. «Hovering», the third long suite divided into two parts, is dedicated to the flight of the seagulls, to the vibrating freedom of their evolutions over the sparkling ocean. An album made of white words, never pronounced, of white emotions, never revealed, the white breath of a lost season. The communion with wild nature, and the abandonment of our bodily armour to get the same lightness of the seagulls flight and the purity of clean air, become the essence of a deeply felt spiritual voyage. A voyage leading from suffering to bare contemplation. In short, a truly romantic album!

"MON SEUL DéSIR + DES PAROLES BLANCHES" CD - digipack format - digitally remastered - 10 tracks, released by Twilight Records - worldwide distribution - Out in January / February 2012.


track list
º Alsicon
º Jarem Gitti
º Eaudelamer
º Sendero en Lago verde
º A l'aube
º Mundus est Jocundum
º Jarem Gitti (remix)
º Etretat
º Veules Les Roses
º Hovering (2007 version)




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