aura noctis - Itineris I


The two feminine characters animating this project, Pilar and Olga, following the same Dark Atmospheric Heavenly Voices direction. Therefore, originating in Arcana, Elend, Dark Sanctuary, Qntal, Dargaard or The Moon and The Nightsprit, Artesia.... emphasizes the landscape one too, as the celo the piano and the synth sound more atmospheric and dreamlike. The voice sounds like the breath of the forest, hanging over the music and leading the listener into dreamy landscapes...Itineris I is an initiatory journey through the most evocative romanticism.

Music is a journey through emotions, representing everything that words cannot describe. Wailing wind interspersed in the forest dream, hazy endless tunnels, or the peace that only in nature you can embrace. Inspired by romanticism, AURA NOCTIS aims to transport us to those places where the mind had never been, arousing fantasy that is latent within us. Their melodies are the hope that drives away the pain.

track list
º Ad occasum tendimus omnes
º D.e.S.
º Solitude [MP3]
º Progresiva
º Furor et Luctus [MP3]
º Erste Reise
º Zweite Reise [MP3]
º Dritte Reise
º Breaking Thoughts [MP3]
º Fantasía
º Encontrarte



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