barbarossa umtrunk -la fraternité polaire


Twilight Records is proud to presents a new bombastic & ritual piece from the french Martial Industrial act BARBAROSSA UMTRUNK!
Featuring special guests & fiends: Schattenspiel, Spreu & Weizen, Vir Martialis and french novellist Jean-Paul Bourre!
An hermetic trip which immerge us through Tribal & Frozen soundscapes, to Martial Neoclassical, Ritual-Noise and Military-Pop and explores the illuminating concepts of Esoteric Gaullism & Eurasian “Lebensraum”, inspired by metahistorical & geopoliticals perspectives taken from René Guénon, Zam Bhotiva, Henry Corbin, Aleksandr Dugin, Jean Parvulesco, Jean Robin & Mircea Eliade theories and books. “La Fraternité Polaire” is a sacred hymn to the Polar Man, a Man of Steel anchored in the Tradition, among the ruins of Kali Yuga, a Warrior-Priest in the service of the unchanging Polar dimension of the Star of the Invisible Empire which stays up above heavens.

track list
º Orientation ( ft. Jean-Paul Bourre)
º Autorité Spirituelle et Pouvoir Temporel *
º Les Compagnons Secrets du Général deGaulle
º L’Epée de Justice et de Verité *
º A la Gloire du Sacré **
º Les Noces Polaires ***
º Vive le Quebec Libre! ***
º L’Ordre des 45 **
º Ars Regia
º L’Empire du Milieu

* With Spreu & Weizen
** With Vir Martialis
*** With Schattenspiel


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