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Basarabian Hills

Basarabian Hills - In the stillnes of The Codrii

Atmospheric ambient black metal band Basarabian Hills from Falesti of Moldova is releasing trought TWILIGHT RECORDS its third full-length album on digipak CD limited to 300 copies. Basarabian Hills is the personal project of Spirit of the Forest, who started this band in the end of 2011. “In the Stillness of the Codrii” is his third work, (Codrii is the name of the forests that grow in the hilly part of Moldova). The album includes 4 songs, each one lasting exactly 10 minutes and you can listen the forest, the mountains, the birds and the rivers runing while the music sounds with beautifull melodies. You will love this album witht a unique a very particular sound and atmospheres.  


Track List

01- Wanderer through the Melancholy of the Woods (Part 1)
02-Wanderer through the Melancholy of the Woods (Part 2)
03-In the Stillness of the Codrii
04-Decline of an Old Tree

COD: TW 1.143
BAND: Basarabian Hills (Moldova)
TITLE: In the stillnes of The Codrii
GENRE: Atmospheric Black Metal
YEAR: 2015
FORMAT: Digipack CD