camerata mediolanense - pankràtion


The present collection contains some of the most representative of CAMERATA MEDIOLANENSE's tracks taken from their previous releases on cd and on 10", thus offering a taste of CM's aesthetics and approach to music.


Epic impetus alternates with a lyrical and intimate mood, embroidering imaginative frescos of the past or of the mysterious and fascinating lands of the mind and of the soul.

Classical rigour blends with romance, not disdaining experimenting, always filtered by a personal sensitivity and a sense of belonging to a European culture which, far from being dead, is still alive and fertile. Thus, ancient instruments like harpsichord, trumpet or timpano live together with modern features like the use of keyboards or the effects of reverberation, while the three singers.. CM (Daniela, Luminitça and Trevor) master lyrical chant and experimental voice. In the same outlook, some of CM's tracks are directly inspired by major European poets, like Lorenzo il Magnifico, Torquato Tasso, Heinrich Heine, on whose lyrics the music itself has been newly composed.


At the ground of CM's aesthetics lies the idea of the work of art as a whole, a total and complex representation of the world; the continue and violent struggle of the individual in this world has suggested the title "Pankràtion", that was the most violent among the Graeco-Roman kinds of wrestling.

track list
º Salve, Mundi Domine, Caesar noster, Ave
º L'Homme Armè [MP3]
º Balcani in Fiamme
º Rappresentazione [MP3]
º La Magnifica Aurora
º La Madre Cattiva [MP3]
º Madrigale
º La Grande Corsa
º Il Trionfo di Bacco e Arianna
º Der Tod



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