cawatana | storm of capricorn - split album cd


This is the first collaboration between this two dark folk – martial bands.


This full album , wich come in a nice and fine digipack included 5 CAWATANA's unreleased tracks in a in martial / neoclassical / dark ambient / military pop vein, but experimental, an excursion into styles.

STORM OF CAPRICORN included 5 unreleased songs in the classic military, ambient style. This band is growing up into the scene , also after the first album “ Retours des Tranchees “, an exellent debut album.


The SOC track list includes a cover version of the Kate’s Bush song Cloudbusting and a collaboration with voices in the final song written by Kutna Hora’s frontman Gabriel Carbone , Claustro.


An album full of emotions and melancholic , A curious mixture but a poetic journey. A tribute and a collaboration at the same time !!.

The music is impossible for me to describe, so please listen this album and enjoy the best side of this two bands.

track list
through silver shadows

º Quien fué en busca de sabiduría
º Watch the Fire [MP3]
º Behind the Walls of Sadness
º Hibátlan [MP3]

º Where oak lives [MP3]
º The smoke fades away
º Cloudbusting [MP3]
º Renaissance
º Claustro

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