chrisallys - sacred fire


"Sacred Fire", the new CHRISALLY`S album , a misture of gothic , metal , electro in a perfect harmony.
after a long silence of more than six years Chrisallys strike again with a powerfull album , a perfect mixture between power, sad and rage with a gothic touch.
If you like bands as PARADISE LOST , TIAMAT , DIARY OF DREAMS or SCREAM SILENCE, you will love this amazing album , full of emotions and with very professional sound.
Taste the sacred fire !!!



track list
º Breed of Cain [MP3]
º How we Loved and Lost
º Shotgun
º Fallen Kingdom
º Jasmine
º Process Completed
º Nephtys [MP3]
º Fog Shade [MP3]
º Firekiss
º Cry for Love (Iggy Pop Cover)
º Taking Over
º The Path
º Morning Star (Acoustic Version)
º Sister of Night (Depeche Mode Cover) ***
º Morning Star (Metal Mix) ***
º Taking Over (Replica Remix) ***

*** Bonus Tracks

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