circuncelion - carved in waters


The Circuncelion project began with Igor Mesmer in the spring of 2004, as a side project to his band Addiction in an attempt to distance himself from the more conventional instruments, ways to express used in todays’ music and to develop what he called “sound visions”. That same year, he wrote “Eschara”, a conceptual work based on his own impression arising from a number of images and testimonies from the Spanish civil war, forming a work of 9 haunting instrumental arrangements full of passion and with a distinctive symphonic character. Circuncelion’s second album inspires the romanticist and dreamer tendencies of the 19th century, and the liberalizing revolutionary excitement of the first half of the 20th century. From the opening song, “The Beginning”, inspired in the homonymous poem by Dylan Thomas and with a string arrangement full of dramatism, through “Sontay” and “To Never Come Back Again”, an tale about the deportation by see of Basque children to keep them away from the dangers of the Spanish civil war, and “Retrospective Room 1 & 2”, of distinct impressionist character, to “Ondorio”, a daunting requiem in Basque and the climax that closes the album, “Carved in Waters” can be considered one of the most intense and emotional albums ever written.

track list
º The beginning
º Song Of Ophelia
º Sontay
º Retrospective Room part 1
º Dei Sospiri
º Tishtrya
º Retrospective Room part 2
º A Dream Within a Dream
º To Never Come Back Again
º Tuol Sleng
º Ondorio



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