david galas - the happiest days of my life


“The Happiest Days of My Life” is the follow up release to David Galas’s previous album “The Cataclysm” (2006 – Vendlus Records). This new album explores the personal decline of mankind and plunges the listener into dark chasms of desperation. The music borders between dark progressive rock to dark-wave and gothic genres. His use of multi-layered guitars, harmonized vocals and a heavy wall of sound is a well recognizable trademark from his previous band "Lycia". Most of the songs are in a minor key, slower tempos while the entire album features 13 tracks, including “Last Days of The War”, “Arizona” and “Glory”. Total running time is over 70 minutes.

track list
º 1970
º Glory
º The Last Days of the War / Sect IV
º Arizona
º Dead Days / Sect V
º The Happiest Days of My Life
º Monsoons over South Mountain
º The Significance of Failure
º Crossroads
º When the Thread breaks
º The Happiest Days of My Life Part 2 / Sect VI
º The Happiest Days of My Life Part 3 / Sect VII
º Everyone Eventually dies



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