dawn & dusk entwined - recollection 1994-1999


Recollection 1994-1999 is a compilation gathering the best of the two first albums that had been at the time released on the now deceased british cult label World Serpent.

The songs have all been remastered or remixed from the original tapes and give now the best overlook of what DAWN & DUSK ENTWINED was like in its first tries 15 years ago now.
Some influences are obvious, like In the nursery or Blood Axis, and prepares for what was to come after with albums like "Remergence" in particuliar.
Discover the roots of a now affirmed and respected act!

track list
º The Drift
º A Torch in a dark Field
º The Unsaid [MP3]
º Back around the Yew
º Eternal [MP3]
º Reliance [MP3]
º Then, a new Era
º Heading towards the West
º Shades and Shadows
º Wyrd
º In the Distance
º Heading towards the West (2006 version)




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