Dawn & Dusk Entwined

Dawn & Dusk Entwined - Fin de siècle

For the 10th anniversary of the release of the last « Fin de siècle » mcd series, Twilight Records offer now on one album the complete 74 mn of the 19 tracks!

A neo-classical / ambient dive through three European cities, their social contradictions, cultural life in a dreamt nostalgia, more than a century away from our technical civilization.

At time intimate and gloomy, at times forceful with strong orchestrations for decadent and almost tangible atmospheres that evokes the end of 19th era, before WWI disaster.

A masterpiece ….  


Track List

01 Rose + Croix
02 Ubu Roi
03 Lomme aux figures de cire
04 Mors syphilitica
05 A rebours
06 Rive droite soir dautomne
07 The absent - minded beggar
08 There gloom the dark broad seas
09 Dantes dream at the time of the death of Beatrice
10 Death of the dandy
11 Smoke sweet and the whitechapel misery
12 Old victorian age
13 Nihilismus cafe
14 Schwarze blume
15 Ver sacrum
16 Tod eines imperiums
17 Die traumdetung
18 An der wind
19 Judith mit dem haupt Holofernes

COD: TW 1.168
BAND: Dawn & Dusk Entwined (France)
TITLE: Fin de siècle
GENRE: Neo-Classical / Ambient
YEAR: 2022
FORMAT: Digi Sleeve CD