day before us- crystal sighs of a broken universe


DAY BEFORE US , a well know band for their previous two full length albums released by the Polish label Rage in Eden, now under TWILIGHT RECORDS and working as a bi-national duet (fr/gr) Day Before Us explores a musical register which consists to subvert stylistic boundaries for a creative dialogue between ethereal folk lyricism, piano based neoclassical minimalism and dark ambient instrumentation. The whole musical odyssey is surrounded by a hazy feeling of nostalgia. Twilight Records presents here the result of this original musical syncretism. Partly impregnated by mytho-poetries from Greece and epic poems from the European romantical period, “Crystal sighs of a broken universe” explores the dark corner of our imagination, in search of hidden or veiled symbolical truths. Taking advantage of a stylistic diversity and taking its substance from deeply organic sound-textures, the collection of pieces gathered for this edition orientates the listener into a vast palette of emotions.

track list
º Along the innermost aisle
º Vaults of this blessed despair
º The ballad of Leonore
º A message to the sea
º Clytie, the oceanid
º Entrance / when I laid on earth (Purcell’s cover)
º Toute mon âme, loin de ce monde
º Expiation d’un rêve
º Orpheus lament
º Toward the eternal home



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