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Day Before Us

DAY BEFORE US - Adorned path of stillness

Adorned path of Stillness marks the return of the neoclassical and dark ambient music act Day Before Us on the Argentina based label Twilight Records, in collaboration with GH Records. This is their sixth full length release.

This new effort is an enthralling soundtrack for dark, solemn, thoughtful times. It incorporates acoustic and lyrical sections next to electronic textures and diverse processed sounds. The general atmosphere offers precious moments of introspective melancholia punctuated by mysteriously hypnotic instrumentals. This is a multifaceted album but also remarkably cohesive with many dynamics, emotional movements that will ravish fans of haunting and touching cinematic music in a rather classical mood.

« Adorned path of stillness » is a subtly evocative album of nocturnal and ethereal beauty. 


Track List

01- Devana and the heathen wisdom
02-Allegory of the korkalen
03-Firmament *
05-Tempus Fugit
06-The Assomption *
07-Luminis Arcem

* Dedicated to Vyacheslav Ivanovich Ivanov
* Dedicated to « Seraphîta » (Balzac)

COD: TW 1.153
BAND:Day Before Us (France)
TITLE: Adorned path of stillness
GENRE: Ethereal/Dark ambient/Neoclassical
YEAR: 2018
FORMAT: Digipack CD