distant project - stars


Stars is the third album from DISTANT PROJECT, a synth pop band in the vein of DE/VISION , MESH and very hard influences of DEPECHE MODE . This is compilation album that includes songs from his two previous works: Venus (2005), Primitive (2007), to which they have added some new songs written especially for this work. The members of the band are, Fab Soutus (Voice-Keys, programming), a U.S. resident and Wal Yunker (Keys-programming), who live in Argentina. this is the " key " to know why the bands name is DISTANT PROJECT. In 2010 it added Nak Sorenson as responsible for the guitars. Stars is a good compilation to hear the music of this band dedicated to Synthpop.
YOU WILL LOVE THIS ALBUM , is very original and is full of beautifull songs.

track list
º Suffocated [MP3]
º Da Vinci´s eyes
º Primitive conscience * [MP3]
º Living the universe *
º Immortal Beloved [MP3]
º Rain & Fire
º Radiant
º Modern Love
º Flying in your arms
º Fallen Creature
º Venus
º Suffocated (Putrified winter Mix) **
º Fallen Creature (Flying in your arms (Onirica guitar Mix) **
º Venus (Spanish) ** [MP3]

* Guitar version
** Bonus Track


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