distant project - extraordinary


ExtraOrdinary is the third studio album and fourth of the band. To the original lineup of Fab and Wal, Nak Sorenson joined on guitars, which meant giving prominence to a new instrument and character to the compositions. The adaptation process was quick and all songs were emerging with the seal of the band and also with touches of rock that in almost all cases are impressive.
The recording process was similar to previous works, recording in Argentina and the Unites States and being mixed in the studios Whitesun Music in Phoenix (USA).

track list
º Big Bang World
º Love Room
º Life Source Rebornç
º I Know (Almagest)
º Extraordinary Journey ç
º Father Sun, Mother Moon
º Suffocated
º Dancing in the storm
º Rain and Fire
º Ohmygod@creation.hvn
º Why


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