El corte

EL CORTE – El corte

The first album untitled “ El Corte “ and released in 1986 is a handful of sinister and well thouth out songs full of strange premonitions and dark and apocalyptic meditations.

This album was recorded in one night at a SEGBA plant, an electrical company in Buenos Aires, taking advantage of its “ natural chamber” ( wich gives it a claustrophobic sound ). It has a crude and improvised sounds, climates and ambient noises, never an album so rare and at the same time so masterful had been heard in our local scene. It’s a masterpiece !!!  


Track List

01 – Desgarra la carne clériga
02 – Las 3 mitades
03 – Quiero estar con dios
04 – Teatro mutante
05 – Ansia negra
06 – Cargar con los cuerpos
07 – Canto llano
08 – Conexión animal
09 – El tercer color

COD: TW 1.166
BAND: El corte
TITLE: El corte
YEAR: 2020
FORMAT: Digipack CD