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Ele Ypsis

ELE YPSIS - Spiralis

Ele Ypsis is the tortured child of distant artistic lovers singer and composer Laure Prunenec and composer and composer and producer Stelian Derenne. Laure is better know as the singer in the famous band IGORRR, and also she have another amazing project called Riciin.

Ele Ypsis basically is neoclassic music , with the beautifull voice of Laure and some electronics arrangements wich become more rich this music.

TWILIGHT RECORDS , present the both albums until date of this project. Spiralis is a mix between sacred choirs and experimental electronical, the album is depicting the 4 seasons of the year, each seasonbeing remixed into a equinox version making a total of 8 tracks. Simply .....AMAZING !!!!  


Track List

01- Autumnus
02-Aequus Autumnus
03-Hibernum 07:48
04-Solstitium Hibernum 06:05
05-Primevere 07:57
06-Aequus Primevere
08-Solstitium Aestas

COD: TW 1.151
BAND: Ele Ypsis (France/Belgium)
TITLE: Spiralis
GENRE: Neoclassic
YEAR: 2017
FORMAT: Digipack CD