the frozen autumn - is anybody there?


After a silence of 3 long years - THE FROZEN AUTUMN one of the true masters of Dark wave electro triumphantly returns with Brand New Album "Is anybody there?" – a compendium of conceptual songs of pure electro dark wave, sublimely melodic symphonies and dance floor electronics songs.

Carrying a deeper message and meaning in his work through his very personal intense music and the often emotional, sometimes dimension of his lyrics.
Sweet ballads with the beautiful voices of Diego and Arianna, combined in poerfect armony with dancefloor songs.

Is Anybody there? is the key to come inside to a magic world of melodies and beauty.

The album include two remixes bonus tracks from a very important acts:by Clan of Xymox and The Dust of Basement.

track list
º Evening Falls
º Faceless Names [MP3]
º Ashes
º Polar Plateau
º Static Cold
º Oblivion
º Venetian Blinds [MP3]
º Guardian Angel
º Concavo Convex
º Citywards
º Ashes (Clan of Xymox Remix)
º Polar Plateau (Dust Of Basement Remix) [MP3]

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