ghosts of breslau - sacred place


Third album by GHOSTS OF BRESLAU, this time it's a collection of material from numerous compilations, split releases and never before published tracks. Including extremely limited and hard to get "Gas" mini-cd (released by Z-Bugle Records in China), very special song "Warszawa" (intended for now defunct "63 Days" - 7" vinyl series from Fluttering Dragon) and special guest appearance by Ritual Front.

18 amazing soundscapes that will haunt you for a long time... We all have a sacred place - what's yours?

track list
ºThe girl under the lantern
ºTrain in the fog
ºDig your own graves
ºLullaby (For a dead child)
ºThe Beauty & the nightmare
ºScontrum I
ºScontrum II
ºScontrum III
ºChanson de guerre
ºUnder a great sea
ºI saw him drowning
ºThe best boys are buried in the ground
ºDifferent days (instrumental)
ºI dreamt of charges (Mk II)
ºIron pylons (Mk II)
ºAnd should the spring come...
ºLast train



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