hard to be a god - perfection is not a human condition


How to express a concept or an idea capable of combining different aspects and textures of reality or the time one is living in? "HARD TO BE A GOD" is the vehicle that leads to that search and makes it visible.
Zero. Another starting point. This is the beginning. Everything has a beginning. We began to study some basic issues concerning our existence.
"Perfection is not a Human Condition" is a sample of reflection. It is a mirror of our fears and mistakes. This is a different and powerful 6-tracks-look that suggests one keep experimenting on rock.
You will love this amazing album , for fans of Mono, Mogwai, Porcupine tree and Anathema!!!

track list
º Going as far as we know [MP3]
º Swimming in a meaningless loop situation
º Quiet now...it´s a long way down [MP3]
º In the morning of changes
º Year of loneliness [MP3]
º Walking into disaster



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