An atmospheric blend of decadent electronic cold wave and full bodied industrial sounds is what Italy's HIDDEN PLACE delivers with their latest disc release, WEATHER STATION early works. Written and arranged by the four original band members,SaraLux, Fabio V., Antonio L.,Giampiero Di B., this purposefully constructed, and far from pristine, electro soundscape is a 10 song collection that takes us on a journey back to the band's minimalistic beginning. It's obvious chilly veneer melts away when raw emotional isolation collides with an easily embraceable ambiance evoking a feeling of moving stillness.

track list
º Emotional Frequencies [MP3]
º Pure Ice
º Anymore
º Operazione PM 10
º Centrali Termoelettriche [MP3]
º Helden
º A day without time [MP3]
º Colours of sunset
º Euritmia del fulgore
º Euritmia (Early demo version)

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