hopeless - believe


HOPELESS project is a mix of differents textures and sounds, combining differents influences taken from electronic music, along with voices which mix in the right amount melody and aggressiveness.

Hopeless is born as an answer to the times we live, times where our dreams, hopes and ideals are replaced by selfishness, apathy and conformism.

Using messages that invite to reflection and sounds charged with emotions, Hopeless tries to illuminate this hidden corner in our souls where hope lies.

Clean your tears, erase the pain, we must believe, we must prevail!!!

track list
º Believe
º Beyond [MP3]
º Alone
º Imagine [MP3]
º Breaking the core
º Scars [MP3]
º Mistakes
º Crawling
º Frozen (Maddona cover version)
º Crawling (Linkin Park cover version)
º Beyond (Nekrodamus remix)
º Imagine (Chiasm remix)
º Beyond (Lucia remix)
º Believe (Supreme court remix)




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