horologium - Le Paradis des Chasseurs


HOROLOGIUM is one of the most important acts in Poland if we talk about dark ambient , martial music. With lot of works in different labels and important collaborations with important bands they return with a new beautiful worktrought Twilight Records. We think we are an exotic label and Horologium is an exotic band too.

The title of this release is "Le Paradis des Chasseurs” and it contains material from "Songs For Hunters” and "Paradise Inverted” – two mini albums that embody Horologium’s most bombastic recordings to date. Both 3 inch CDr releases were out in a strictly limited amounts (100 and 150 copies, accordingly).

We believe that this sonic output needs much more recognition! Additional bonus track was recorded with a wonderful assistance from Juan A. of Der Arbeiter.

track list
º Following Artemis Victorious
º Faustus
º Heaven Despised
º Towards the First Circle
º The Great Hunting
º Untitled
º The Chase
º The Contest Never Ends
º De Cacería en el Paraíso




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