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Hiperborei - Dark Awake

Hyperborei / Dark Awake -Six, Six Songs

This album is about a split between the bands HYPERBOREI (Argentina) and DARK AWAKE (Greece) . Is the first collaboration and maybe not the last. 6 songs from each group, each one in its particular musical style.

In regards of HYPERBOREI most is dark folk , some songs taken from the soundtrack of the independent movie “The Hidden Sky” , wich they composed entirelly, but versioned to this split and a cover version of the song “Across the Universe” from THE BEATLES in a martial vein. Instead DARK AWAKE is more martial powerful drums, chants, spiritual wanderings , powerful marches, from mysticism and medieval metaphysics to divine philosophy and strength. Mysterious atmospheres and hypnotic stractures to stimulate the subconcious. Includes a cover version song from “The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath The Cloud”. 


Track List

01-Die Weisse Edelweiss (Dark Awake)
02-At the Shore (Hyperborei)
03-Natalis Invicti (Dark Awake)
04-When the Stones Speaks (Hyperborei)
05-Radiant Songs of the Vernal Equinox (Dark Awake)
06-Walking on the Sand (Hyperborei)
07-Sacred Bloodline (The Templars) (Dark Awake)
08-Blood on the Sand (Hyperborei)
09-Rest on your arms reversed lll (Dark Awake) ***Cover
10-In Trance (Hyperborei)
11-Winter 1944 (Dark Awake)
12-Across the Universe (Hyperborei) ***Cover

COD: TW 1.149
BAND: Hyperborei / Dark Awake (Argentina/Greece)
TITLE: Six, Six, Songs
GENRE: Dark Folk / Martial
YEAR: 2017
FORMAT: Digipack CD