kazeria - credo nostrum


KAZERIA [KZ] means “Hunt” in Spanish. This is a solo project started and leaded by argentinean composer [S] since 2008. Its new work, “Credo Nostrvm” ("Our Creed"), edited by Twilight Records, has nine tracks inscribed onto a martial, neofolk, neoclassical and dark ambient combination, dealing with some themes that represents [KZ] main topics: the meaning of glory, decadence, eternity, struggle, occult and sacred symbols of forgotten times. [S] spouts out a harsh vision about reality, which could be understood as “active nihilism”. This is its way to relate to this current decaying age which, in [S] words, “must be overcome”.

The Hunt has begun... If you are fan of THOROID , WAPPENWUND or TRIARII....you will love KZ!

track list
º Credo Nostrvm
º Der Fall der Götter
º De Sacrvm Mysteriis [MP3]
º Let Blood Rain
º Die Dämmerung der Schwerter
º Inner War / Holiest War
º Pride of The Ancient Ones [MP3]
º Evrazia Rising
º Rotten Battlefield [MP3]



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