kirlian camera - erinnerung 2006 + bonus


Returning after the massive success of the three last releases "Invisible Front", Pictures from Eternity and Cororner's sun ", the legendary band commanded by Angelo Bergamini and Elena Fossi, KIRLIAN CAMERA, present the re-release under Twilight Records a masterpiece deleted for ages: Erinnerung.

The album will come in very nice digipack with brand new artwork and will include some bonus unreleased tracks.

Erinnerung is one of the most incredible, amazing album on the KC career and a trip into the time to the post war Europe with beautifully expressive female vocals. Another piece of the puzzle into the band discography.

The line-up at this time was: Angelo and Emilia Lo Jacono, and guest appaerances as Grace Osei (aka Nancy Appiah) Simon Balestrazzi, Ivano Bizzi, Vicenzo Pastorino, Francesco Germini and Alessandro Nidi.


track list
º Remember me – Intro
º Erinnerung – v.1 [MP3]
º The 1st corridor
º Schliesse mie die augen beide
º Veronika voss – Memories are made of this
º Days of Laura Zero
º Meyi me nyame aye
º Sea of memory [MP3]
º Remember me [MP3]
º Erinnerung – alternative mix 1997*
º Five years earlier*
º Der Letzte tourist in Europa*
º I know you are born*
* Bonus track



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