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Kraschau - Une Foi Dácier

KRASCHAU’s long-awited third full-length album is maybe their most epic work among all. It shows the depths and heights of the martial/industrial/neoclassical genre with sinister, monotonous industrial loops and heavy beats and with glorius, sublime neoclassical anthems. It also summarizes their previous works (Offenbarung, Falanx & Unitas – the split with Kriegsfall-U.), by making a special, alternative version of one track from each. With that ‘éncore’ section, Une Foi d’Acier is more than an hour long work in 13>
The album is dedicated to the christian victims and marthyrs of two major conflicts of the 20th century: the Mexican ‘Cristero’ war and the Spanish civil war, but also deals with the confused 20th century history of the project’s origin, Austria-Hungary and the Central-European region.

Musically, it continues to expand and incorporate more and more styles, like it’s predecessor, Falanx: as ‘usual’, you can find Kraschau’s self-composed and played neoclassical synth parts, but most of the songs are going back to the roots of industrial music and they are more based on various, monotonous samples and loops. Furthermore the album makes experiments in incorporating power industrial and contemporary classical music and even ‘lighter’ electronic sounds.  


Track List

01- ¡Viva Cristo Rey!
03-Matando Cristianos 1926-29
04-Monarhia Si Legea Monarhiei
05-MP OY
06-A Kereszt Alatt
07-Az Arany Fiai
08-Drang Nach Osten
09-Extra Ecclesiam (In Tenebras Exteriores)
10-Matando Cristianos 1936-39
11-Los Últimos Días De La Democracia
12-Imperium Catholicam
13-Sobre El Orden Naturales De La Familia, El Municipio, La Asociación Y La Corporación

COD: TW 1.146
BAND: Kraschau
TITLE: Une foi d'acier
GENRE: Martial / Industrial / Neoclassical
YEAR: 2016
FORMAT: Digipack CD