krepulec - martial, industrial music with parabellium in the hand


This is not a new KREPULEC´s album , but a re release of an old and long delete mini album with the adition of some more tracks to complete an album!

Is like parabellum, a shot in your head, martial industrial music for all the fans of Krepulec and also for the fans of this kind of sounds. A very intense experience, different than the other works, but with the sign of Krepulec.

In the beginning this album was an split: Krepulec and Cold Fusion and was released by Beast of Pray in a very Limited edition 3"CDr of 66 handnumbered copies in special package.

Now you could take and enjoy this album and more!


track list
º W Kot?y do Boju *
º March for the Death
º Industriale
º Day of the Victory
º Marsz Gwardii *
º Power of the first Corps
º Dywizjon I ***
º Song of the crying Mother
º Thunderous Steel
º Parabellum **
º Warszawianka *

*** track from the bonus box edition “New Radical”
** remastering track from the split
* songs from the old Polish military vinyls




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