lastrax - shape your destiny


LASTRAX is back again with their second full album called “Shape Your Destiny” This marks not only a comeback for one of finest electro bands in South America but also a confirmation of what they showed on their first record. This album is more detailed, more sophisticated and more polished than it’s predecessor making it the perfect return for a band that “evolution” is in their blood. 12 great songs including “Revolution Day” plus 4 special remixes by !Distain, People Theatre, F.O.D and Ladies On Mars are now available on CD!


track list
º Devil's World
º The Limit
º Revoluttion Day
º Snake
º Dark Virtuality
º Six Days A Week
º Can't Get Away *
º Sonar
º Choos
º The Trick
º Throught The Sky
º The Only One
º Devil's World **
º Revolution Day ***
º Six Days A Week ****
º The Limit *****

* Feat. Maru Pardo Saguier
** Remixes By Distain
*** People Theater's Flag Mix
**** Ladies On Mars Remix
***** Exess-Desicion Mix By F.O.D.




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