Lethian Dreams

LETHIAN DREAMS – Just passing by...and unreleased requiems

‘Just Passing by...& Unreleased Requiems’ is a collection of previously unreleased tracks by the French Gothic Doom act, that landed a Major success in 2009 with their debut album. This collection features 4 new and totally unheard songs that the band wrote between 2005 and 2010. These compositions melt melancholy and acoustic harmonies, surrounded by darker and heavier parts with ethereal female vocals. The CD also includes the tracks of the band’s first demo CD ‘Requiem for my Soul’ from 2006. All tracks have been re-mastered for this occasion and ‘Requiem for my Soul’ is a sort of first recorded edition - with very different versions of the songs - of the much acclaimed debut-album ‘Bleak Silver Streams’, released 2 years ago on Orcynia Records. Lethian Dreams are without a doubt one of the most talented and original Gothic Doom acts around! Only 120 copies in stock !!!  


Track List

01-Just passing by
02-White Gold
03-The Anchor fades
04-What if the Winds
05-In Seclusion
06-For a brigher Death
07-Accross the Bridge of Infinity...the Essence of Night
08-Under her Wings
10-December`s Blame

COD: TW TW1.88
BAND: Lethian Dreams
TITLE: Just passing by...and unreleased requiems
GENRE: Gothic Doom
YEAR: Reprint 2020
FORMAT: Digipack CD with booklet