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Melankoli - Wind

Melankoli is one of the most amazing black metal atmospheric projects of the last times. From the cold Russia , Melankli comes to bring new fresh air the BM scene.
When you listen " Winds " their debut album , you can listen nature, rain , the wind and the whisper of the deep forest. Cold snowy soundscapes, black metal guitar textures combined perfectly with a almost dying voice for moments and amazing keyboards melodies.

This is a beautifull work of inmersive atmospheric black metal sounscapes: an ideal background to see the sky , the stars and to dreams of other worlds and contemplating the infinity of the cosmos and one`s place and purpose in it.  


Track List

01- Wind
02-Embrace of winter
04-Through the shining stars
05-Aura De Mort (Death Aura cover)

COD: TW 1.145
BAND: Melankoli (Russia)
GENRE: Atmospheric Black Metal
YEAR: 2015
FORMAT: Digipack CD