mellonta tauta - rainbow melodies


Many of you remember the legendary label Hyperium, one of the first label of the 90´s in the vein of 4ad, sumerged into heavenly voices and neoclassical sounds.
In this label MELLONTA TAUTA was born , an argentinian band wich a sound in comparison to Cocteau Twins, This Mortal Coil, etc.
In 1994 HYPERIUM released Sun Fell the debut of album of Mellonta Tauta, and album recorded during 1993 and wich had a big impact on people, very good reviews from the press and good host. Sadly the band disappeared few years after that and then to be reborn in 2012.
Now 20 years later Mellonta Tauta returns with a new album entitled Rainbow Melodies, a beautifull journey trought nice melodies, a pure experience full of energy and beauty, with great arrangements and angelic voices. A return highly anticipated by fans who will love this new album.

track list
º Love is happiness
º Twenty Years Later
º Sunset Breeze
º Raining House
º Travel to the End
º Live Hear Forever
º Moonlight Melodies
º Paris Noir
º Half-Full Glass
º Rainbow Melodies
º Mistery Dream
º Pampa Soul
º Ice Star
º Sunrise Melodies



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