melmoth - …living for the kingdom´s will


“…Living for the Kingdom´s Will” is the debut album of the electro-darkwave act MELMOTH.

The band presents an eclectic work that joins the essence of classic and modern literature with obscure and delicate vocal melodies, electronic sequences and orchestral arrangements.

“…Living for the Kingdom’s will” places the listener beyond the boundaries of time, facing a past that gets near through a harmonic blend of contemporary sounds.

Without the shadow of a doubt, this band invites us to experiment a fantastic voyage where each song is a living chapter of a book that never reveals its ultimate secret.


Melmoth was formed in 1998, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
In the year 2001 the band makes its first live show in the “Fiesta de Los Eternos”. One year later, Melmoth takes part of an electronic compilation CD titled “Plan Identitaat”, edited in Argentina by the label Nullrepublik. This compilation reaches many european and latin american countries.
Between the years 2002 and 2003 Melmoth performs several shows for different audiences. It takes part of “Electropolis”, a live soundtrack of the film “Metropolis” (An argentinean tribute to the german director Fritz Lang).
In 2004 Melmoth plays as an opening act of Wayne Hussey’s (The Mission U.K.) show in his last concert in Argentina.
In the next year the band records its first album that will be released in 2006.


track list
º Through the eyes the spy
º Fading dreams [MP3]
º Sepia attic [MP3]
º Into the water
º Buried in Paris [MP3]
º The echoes from the evil
º Abandoned in the storm
º Drunken waltz




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