nekrodamus - brainwashers


5 years since their last succesfull album " A brave dawn " saw the light , now NEKRODAMUS return with an increidible new album !!!!. " A brave dawn " had very, very good sales,
as we need to make a re pressing.
This new one is an album you will not forget once you listen!!
The album covers a broad spectrum of stiles and music : from electronics ballads to powerfull songs for dancefloors, and also some modern elements combined with pulsating beats.
New NEKRODAMUS album is a very good new for thouthands of fans in SA and in USA and Europe.
As in the previous album it count with the collaboration of Froxeanne´s amazing voice from The Frozen Autumn´s.
You will love this album !! Be the first to listen it!!



track list
º Brainwashers
º Angel´s fall [MP3]
º They will coming [MP3]
º Open up your eyes [MP3]
º By my side [MP3]
º Take me away
º Screaming
º The blazing one
º Homeworld
º Back again
º Gritando ( screaming spanish version )


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