oda relicta - holy alliance


ODA RELICTA strikes again...and this time is with a new full album.
Holy Alliance is the brand new album of this great act, which makes an emotional music combined with martial, epic and sacral elements.

"Holy Alliance" is the 2nd martial album by Oda Relicta. An alliance of Military Brass Orchestra marches and Ensemble of Ancient Music epos"
This album is limited to 500 copies in a black digipack, deluxe, with words in golden.

You will love this great album!!!

track list
º H o l y A l l i a n c e I n t r o i t u s
º Ars Militaria pt.I: Homewards
º Victory will be Yesterday
º Slava Patria!
º V-Day!
º A Dance of Life
º Royal Blood
º Ars Militaria pt.II: Allies, to Arms!
º The Crown & the Plough
º The Departed, the Immortal
º Tomorrow was the War
º Pan-Slavonic March
º Ars Militaria pt.III: Golden CrosSword!
º Years Memorial
º H o l y A l l i a n c e O u t r o i t u s



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