oda relicta - the crown & the plough


A re - release of now classical Oda relicta`s debut album originally produced in 2007. grandiosely conducted hymn, marches and neo folk ballads bring forth a refined album that established project's reputation. Issued with a new artwork and an unreleased version of the introductory track featured by Louisa John-Krol. A digipak edition with a brilliant Nihil Design Studio artwork limited to 300 copies. It will be for sure one of our best sellers!

track list
º 1 - Introitus Nocturnus (Feat. Louisa John-Krol)
º Aurora In The Icon-Lamp
º Ave Ploughman The Golden
º Ave Rex Luciferi
º Ave Rex Crowned With Laurel
º Ave Ploughman Lauriferi
º Ave Ploughman The Dusky
º Ave Rex Vesperi
º Angel Upon Throne
º Zenith Of Valour
º Marching In Flames
º Outroitus Nocturnus



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