ophelia's dream - all beauty is sad


There’re just a few albums whose music makes the people feel out of this world. Al Beauty Is Sad, the first Ophelia’s Dream album is one of the most heavenly voices style bands I’ve ever heard and this album has the real essence of heavenly sounds.

The debut album was originally released by the legendary Hyperium label , and the sound of this album is still fresh and innovative.
This time , and as its a long delete work, Twilight Records release this album again with a new an exclusive artwork.

All about beauty and melancholy, emotions and passion.
Presenting very strong song material yet. But artistic facilities exceeded those of production-technique in those early days of Ophelia's Dream.

Classical music meet with gothic: This is Ophelia´s Dream music !!!

track list
º Rise
º Mystere [MP3]
º Reflexions
º Piece for solo oboe
º Tears [MP3]
º Arabesque
º Sophia's prayer [MP3]
º Saltarello
º Sophia's reprise
º A fragment
º Dreams
º Fairy-dance
º Fall



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