opus nigrum - journey in the dark


Opus Nigrum, offers a magical experience, with sound that is characterized by impressive compositions, enigmatic melodies, atmospheric, dark, with choral and orchestral arrangements that turn into impressive works of art. Ritual music, neoclassical, epic passages with a strong hermetic alchemical symbolism. Based on three stages in the alchemical process by which the soul passes through many incarnations in its evolution to achieve a state of perfection; the three stages of the alchemical process philosophy:
Nigredo, Albedo and Rubedo. Opus Nigrum is the dissolution and calcining phase of the form, which is the hardest part of the Great Work, it is the "dark" of the human psyche, emotions, intuitions, perceptions and thoughts buried in the denial of mind, being an introspective journey, an internal search that will go though a gloomy passages, such as war, desire, envy ..., culminating in the Red Work, in the Philosopher's Stone, in The Gold.

Cinematographic opus, where battles, temples, warriors are looming, where sacrifices are offer to honor of the ancient gods.

track list
º Desolation
º Golem of War [MP3]
º Dazzling
º Miserere [MP3]
º Within the storm
º Time is Over
º In the Fields
º The Ashes [MP3]
º Salve Regina
º Dagda
º XI



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