ordo equilibrio - The triumph of light and the thirteens shadows of love


Limited to only 444 copies, TWILIGHT RECORDS would like to announce the following Re-Prints of this 3 long deleted albums originally released by Cold Meat Industry. New packaging, new artwork and very limited!!

track list
º Victory Starts Here, In The Land Of Completion
º Walpurgisnacht In The Grotto. Dancing With Lilith
º Marching Across The Stupid And Ignorant
º Thou Can Not Love Them All, When The Trumpet Sounds
º Entering The Masturbatory (Luxuria My Rubber Angel)
º This Absolute Supper, Second Consecration
º Carnival (Festivity In Flesh)
º Invocation Ov Prosperity, Pleasure, Progress And Love
º Under The Rose, Coitus Excelsi. Pain, Bondage & Subjugation
º After Reign Cometh Sun
º Living By The Sword. Dying By The Sword. The Lustrous Banquet
º And So Forth...



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